Tunnel pasteurization for flexible packaging and plastic food container

How Does A Tunnel Pasteurizer Work For Jelly?-BSSJ900

Basic information:

Our customer is Jelly products manufacturer from China, Jelly cup is theirs new project, nowadays, they only launch three flavor of jelly, which is 80gram lychee/mango/pineapple. They owned 1 plant for producing theirs jelly and the required production output is up to 16ton/ future, they have the schedule to launch more flavors and different volume jelly(≤300gram) and invest more set of tunnel pasteurizers for different volume.


About the packing contents:

Jelly is a kind of common snack food all over the world, when its temperature is up to 80~90 degree, it is kind of easy flowing semi-liquid. As well as a pasteurization at 80~85 degree for 10~20 mins by steam pasteurization tunnel.

steam pasteurization tunnel-Jelly


Packaging solution for packing contents:

The packaging style which customer applied to theirs jelly is plastic cup and lidding film, the artwork is customized designed by their graphic designer, the information as below

plastic cup-lidding film

Lidding film

Material structure


Total thickness

90 micron







How does a tunnel pasteurizer work for jelly?

What is the feature of tunnel pasteurizers?

tunnel pasteurizers

1-Drive method: the tunnel pasteurizers and cooling tunnel process adopt by the integrated drive, “forward type gear reducer” +”inverter motor”

2-Heating system:heating by the external circulating steam, the temperature can be control within±2℃;Controlled by the temperature controller, saving more steam volume; adopting by the pipeline steam mixer, the lower noise and the more precise temperature.

3-Water source: adopting by the external circulatingwater pump, the intake sink included a filter.

4-Heat preservation property: the heat preservation controlled by both side of the tunnel, upper oftunnel included the covers

5-Frame of tunnel: The frame of tunnel is welding by the square tube of 80*40*3mm.

6-Cooling tunnel: installing the forward type water drumming device, avoid the products to be sinke down.

7-Drying tunnel: adopting by 3-section drying method of “air conditioning fan + air knife”.


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