How is a spout pouch machines working?

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Reference article: What is the basic component of spouted pouches machine?

After we simply learning each basic component of spout pouches filling machine, let’s study how it is working.

First of all, it is divided into 4 basic process:

1-Filling and air blowing

(1)One-offs filling the packing content inside the empty spout pouch by quantitative and strong injection pump.

(2)Injected the air into the pouch, in order to let its bottom gusset fully unfolded.

Fixed position filling

2-Pouch spout cleaning

Cleaning the spout of pouch by the circular style cleaning nozzle

Pouch spout cleaning

3-Plastic cap loading & locking

(1)Let the plastic cap array on the loading rail in order by the electromagnetic vibration device.

Pouch cap feeding

(2)Multi-head locking the plastic cap by electrodynamics type capping device group.

Pouch cap locking

4-Pouch discharging

Let the finished pouch discharging smoothly by the barrier panel and buffer.

Pouch discharging

Here we could simply understand the working process of spout pouches filling machine as: Filling and air blowing->Spout cleaning->Plastic cap loading & locking-> Pouch discharging

working process of spout pouch machines

Secondly, the working process of spout pouch machines is finished on the machine turntable, that is one working process as one circle, here let’s define it as “one cycle “or “per cycle”.

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