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How The Cup Filler Machine Filling Steamed Milk?-CFB-8

Basic information:

Our customer is a dairy products manufacturer, plastic cup packaging is theirs new project, nowadays, they only launch one flavor of steamed milk, that is 160gram double-layer steamed milk with red bean. They owned 1 plant for producing theirs steamed milk and the required production output is up to 8 ton/ future, they have the schedule to launch more flavors and different volume steamed milk(≤300ml) and invest more set of cup filler machine


About the packing contents:

Steamed milk is a kind of famous snack food in Guangdong China, Strictly speaking, it is kind of dairy products like the milk shake,while it is cooling,it looks like the cool bean curd,usually,it need to add some fruit block inside the steamed milk.

Steamed milk

Packaging solution for packing contents:

The packaging style which customer applied to theirssteamed milkis PP plastic cup and Peelable cup sealing film and artwork is customized designed by their graphic designer, the information as below

Plastic cup and sealing film

Material structure


Total thickness

90 micron

Cup Inner Dimension


Cup materials



Why our customer select CFB-8 cup filler seal machine?

1-As per the daily production output and layout of workshop of customer, equipping with 1 set of CFB-8 cup filler machine is the best selection, matching 8 line of filling peaks, the max production speed can be up to 7200 cup/hour. High speed and high working efficiency

cup filler machine

2-Asit need to add some fruit block inside the steamed milk, the #1 material hopper of automatic cup filler sealer machine need to assemble with the counting cup system, let the fruit block filled evenly.

counting cup system of automatic cup filler sealer machine

3-As steamed milk easy to be caking while the room temperature is low, especially, the plant of our customer is located in Northern China, it is required the #2 material hopper need to assemble with the temperature keeping function, so that the steamed milk can be flowed and filled easy.

material hopper of cup filler seal machine

4- Equipped with the servo filling system, the machine operator can adjust/set up the filling volume by touch screen

Servo filling volume

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