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How The Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine Filling Olive Oil?-YS-R200

Basic information:

Our customer is Olive products manufacturer from Argentina, stand up pouch is theirs new project, nowadays, they only launch one flavor of olive oil, which is 200gram olive with oil. They owned 1 plant for producing theirs olive oil and the required production output is up to 3.5ton/ future, they have the schedule to launch more flavors and different volumeolive oil(500gram and 900gram) and invest more set of pouch filling and sealing machine for different volume.

About the packing contents:

Olive oil is a kind of famous snack food in European and South American, Strictly speaking, it is kind of easy flowing liquid, and usually it need to add a certain of olive.

Olive oil

Packaging solution for packing contents:

The packaging style which customer applied to theirs Olive oil is Stand up pouch with zipper and artwork is customized designed by their graphic designer, the information as below

stand up pouch with zipper

Material structure


Total thickness

120 micron

Why our customer select YS-R200 pouch filling and sealing machine? 

1-As the olive is not fixed weight and shape products, so this model of stand up pouch filling sealing machine required to equip with the multi-heads electronic scale, z bucket elevator and a working platform, ensure the olive which dispend into the empty pouch exist a lowest weight tolerance.

multi-heads electronic scale pouch filling and sealing machine

2- As the oil occupy 60% of product weight, so this model of premade pouch filling sealing machine need to equip with the double metering pump, ensure the filling volume of oil is bigger than the one of olive, Meanwhile, let the filling of two different contents can be keep a high sync rate and not effect on the packaging speed (BPM).

double metering pump stand up pouch filling sealing machine

3- As this kind of machine equip two sets of filling system, it either can be used at the same time, or be used separately, that means our customer can be used it for packaging the granule + liquid ,single liquid or single granule.

double filling system premade pouch filling sealing machine

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