How to calculate out the filling speed of spout bag filling machine?

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The filling speed of spout bag filling and capping machine, it is closely related to your production output, meanwhile, as well as an important calculation factor of machine price, so, how to calculate out this parameter?

First of all, it is necessary to get two basic technical parameter:

1- Filling peak quantities

That is how many filling peak equipped on the spout bag machine filling group, for example: our ZCX-5 series means the machine filling group equipped with 5 filling peak.

filling peak quantity of spout bag machine

2-“Cycle”quantities per min

Reference article:How is a spout pouch machines working?

working process of spout bag filling machine

In the pre-article, we defined aconception of“cycle”, that is the working process of spout bag filling machine is finished on the machine turntable, that is one working process as one cycle. “Cycle” quantities per min means how many time of working process can be finished within 1 min (60second). Such as 24 cycle/min

So, the calculation formula of spout bag filling machine speed as below:

Filling peak quantities*“Cycle” quantities per min*60mins, for example: 5 filling peak*24 Cycle*60mins=7200 pouch/hour

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