Installation tutorial of standup pouch machinery pouch storager

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Reference article:What is pouch storager of stand up pouch equipment?

In the pre-article, we simply introduce the main components of standup pouch machinery pouch storager, How to install it? Simple, just need to solve the problem of “Air”, “Power “and”electricity” supply.

How to solve the “Air “supply problem?

1-Find out the air tube inside thepneumatic control cabinet of pouch storager (4 pcs of blue tubes)

2-Connect them with the 2ndair connection of standup pouch packaging machine

How to solve the “Power “and”electricity” supply problem?

1-Find out the power line insidepneumatic control cabinet ofpouch storager (3 pcs of power line) and connect them

2-Find out the electricity line outside thepneumatic control cabinet ofpouch storager (L1, L2, L3 and N), linked them inside thepneumatic control cabinet of standup pouch filling machine, find out their socket end and connect them

How to install pouch storager of standup pouch machinery? Please refer to below video.

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