What is plastic cap elevator of spout bag packaging machine?

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About 10 years ago, the plastic cap need to be convey into the vibrating tray by full manual method, as the location of vibrating tray at the highest point of spouted bag machine, the worker need to claim up the ladder and pour the plastic cap inside vibrating tray the one by one bucket. In other word, it need 1~2 worker to operate this process independently. So, plastic cap elevator was invented.

1-What is plastic cap elevator?

(1) Plastic cap elevator of spout bag packaging machine is composed by 5 components: Vstyle material hopper/Conveyor elevator/Stepper motor/Materials outlet/Photocell detector

5 components of spout bag filling machines

(2) Basic working function is conveying the plastic cap into the vibrating tray by stepper motor method and circle this process.

plastic cap elevator working process

2-What is its advantage?

Besides the saving of labor cost,plastic cap elevator of spout bag filling machines owned below two advantage:

(1) While the photocell detector detecting the vibrating trayis full of plastic cap, the stepper motor will auto pause offering the power and avoid the plastic cap overflow the vibrating tray as it is full.

photocell detector of plastic cap elevator

(2) Completely eradicated any work injury caused as the worker fall down from the ladder.

the worker fall down from the ladder

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