What is pouch loader of spouted pouch filler?

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About 10 years ago, the empty pouch need to be hanged onto the machinery turntable by full manual method, that is two workers keep on hanging the pouch one by one onto the turntable of spout bag filler, however, this method cause a high labor cost, meanwhile, as the workers is not a robot, it will be easy to cause a tired state after they manual hanging the pouch for a long time, to cause some accident happening, such as work injury, material losing as the machine misoperation and so on. Nowadays, this traditional pouch loading method has been instead by the pouch loader completely.

traditional pouch loading

1-What is pouch loader?

(1) Pouch loader of spouted pouch filler is composed by 4 components: basic frame/mini-cylinder/loading trail/pouch pusher

pouch loader of spouted pouch filler

(2) Basic working function is the pouch pusher pushing the pouch into the turntable by the power of mini-cylinder and circle this process.

Basic working function of spouted pouch filler

2-What is the precondition of pouch loader operated?

(1) Mini-cylinder need to be connected with the air source of spout pouches filler

connected with the air source

(2) Empty pouch need to be pre-loaded into the loading trail by U-Slot

pre-loaded into the loading trail by U-Slot

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