What is the basic component of spouted pouches machine?

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How is a spouted pouches machine working? Before all, it is necessary to know its each basic component, as well as the detailed location.

1-Machine bottom flame

2-Pouch loader

3-Machine turntable

4-Dusty-proof cover

5-Pneumatic control cabinet of spouted pouch filling machines

6-Material pump (hopper)

7-Filling device group

8-Cleaning device group

9-Plastic cap elevator

10-Vibrating tray & plastic cap loading device

11-Capping device group

basic component of spouted pouches machine

Each model of our spouted pouch packing machine all own above 11 basic component, and the classification of our ZCX series is divided as per the quantity of filling peak, what is the difference between A and B? Such as ZCX-2A and ZCX-2B, it is means the standard configuration and the high configuration.

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