Full automatic spout pouch filling and capping machine

ZCX12B spout pouch pack filling and capping machine for 80gram red grape jelly - Case#8

Basic information:

Our customer is a Japan food manufacturer who specialized for the production of jelly jam, as a famous brand of red grape jelly of Japanese market, their pre-packaging is glass jar, as the economic recession of Japan, they are planning to launch small spout sachet packaging project in Southeast Asian market, If it is successful, they will invest more set of spout pouch pack filling and capping machine

About the packing contents:

Red grape jelly is a kind of high densityliquid products, compare with the water, its density is 1:1.25.As a kind of common used breakfast condiments, its fluidity is bad, usually, the consumer need to use the auxiliary tool (such as spoon or knife and fork) to paste them onto the bread.

red grape jelly

Packaging solution for packing contents:

The packaging style which customer applied to is cheer pack with spout,the squeezable character exactly solve the problem of auxiliary tool, the information pouch material structure/thickness/dimension/spout size as below

Material structure


Total thickness

100 micron



Spout size(Inner diameter)

8.6mm/double gap

Plastic cap style

normal shape

cheer pack with spout

Why our customer select ZCX-12B spout pouch pack filling and capping machine?

spout pouch filling machine youtube

1-As the customer’s plant layout is limited, meanwhile, they are only filled single product(50gram), so, equipping with 1 set of ZCX-12B is suitable, matching 12 pcs of filling peaks, the max production speed within 80gram can be up to 17500 sachet/hour.High speed and high working efficiency.


2-As the plant of customer owned the CIP station, the spout pouch filling and capping machine equipped with CIP clean system.Achieving whole the production process high hygiene level.

CIP cleaning

3-Equipped with the servo filling and capping, the machine operator can adjust/set up the filling volume and the capping torque by touch screen

set up the filling volumeset up the capping torque

4-Revision device of photoelectric sensors are installed in the machine, if plastic cap are jammed or no cap during the cap locking can timely alert operator to inspect and adjust the equipment in order to avoid the filling materials wasted off.

no cap no filling system

5- Equipped with the plastic cap elevator, achieving whole the production process full automatically and save more labor cost.

auto cap feeding


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