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ZCX4B maszyna doypack for 5liter engine oil - Case 28th

Basic information:

Our customer is a large engine oil production plant located in USA and only sold to American market. Spout pouch is theirs new packaging project, nowadays, they launch 4 design of engine oil, that is 5000ml style, to test the market feedback. They owned 3 plant for producing theirs engine oil and the required production output is up to 30 ton/ future, if 5liter packaging engine oil is successful, they will launch another 4 design with 1 liter and invest one more set of maszyna doypack


About the packing contents:

Engine oilis a kind of high density liquid products, compare with the water, its density is 1:1.4, applying to the motor industry.

Engine oil


Packaging solution for packing contents:

The packaging style which customer applied to is corner spout doy pack, as the density of engine oil higher than the one of water and the max packing volume need to be up to 5000ml,the information pouch material structure/thickness/dimension/spout size as below

Material structure


Total thickness

200 micron



Spout size(Inner diameter)

22mm/single gap

Plastic cap style


corner spout doy pack

Why our customer select ZCX-4B maszyna doypack?

1-As per customer’s daily production output and layout of workshop, equipping with 1 set of ZCX-4B maszyny pakujące doypack is enough, matching 4 pcs of filling peaks, the max production speed can be up to 1900 pouch/hour.

ZCX4B maszyna doypack

2-Equipped with the servo filling and capping system, the machine operator can adjust/set up the filling volume and the capping torque by touch screen

set up the filling volume and capping torque

3-Compare with the other filling valve, magnetic valve is most suitable for the filling of high sticky and low flowing liquid, such as engine oil.

magnetic valve

4-Revision device of photoelectric sensors are installed in the zgrzewarka do doypack, if plastic cap are jammed or no cap during the cap locking can timely alert operator to inspect and adjust the equipment in order to avoid the filling materials wasted off.

no cap no filling system

5- Equipped with the plastic cap elevator, achieving whole the production process full automatically and save more labor cost.

auto cap feeding


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